Past Blogs for April 2015

Cut-ups and Collage

25 April 2015

Destruction and re-creation is coming on apace!  I have perhaps become a Trickster archetype!  It’s all part of my fetish for recycling and re-imagining lives for found objects.  The image below was taken from a falling-apart fairy-tale book I found on ebay for a song, or more like, a few notes.  I have transferred the image onto un-stretched canvas and painted into it with acrylics.  You’ll see the gold hasn’t come out too well in this photograph – it is very difficult to photograph reflective surfaces and I’m not a pro!

The words here were taken from two stories in another damaged fairy-tale book.  It’s hard to see the quality of the paper from this picture, but it is a cheaply printed wartime book.  The book’s previous owner has crayoned on lots of the pages, so I didn’t feel mean about cutting it up.

The avant garde publishing house Knives, Forks and Spoons Press has expressed an interest in publishing a collection of my cut-ups which I’m very excited about.  This has given me the impetus for more experimentation with materials and has caused me to open my paint drawer again after a hiatus of fifteen years.  Perhaps I will see how my oil paints have fared during hibernation.  I do love the smell of oil paint in the morning.

2015-04-18 17.52.28-1