First day at school

7 January 2011

Yesterday was the first actual proper day back at work. By this I mean standing in front of a group of people who are expecting something from me. The people were a class of year 9 students, and this was the Well Versed project (link in last entry, below), which aims to promote the reading and writing of poetry in schools and to build a legacy in the participating schools. How this is different to other school projects I have been involved in, is that teachers from each of the schools (LW and I are working with three Norfolk schools) have participated in a series of workshops with educator/poets, to prepare the ground for our sessions. This makes a world of difference, and the teacher we worked with at Attleborough High yesterday was brilliant. Co-running sessions with two other people is something I have never done before, but because we all have clear shared aims and objectives, yesterday’s first session went very well indeed.

Luke and I were both flagging a little after the three hour session – me more than him it has to be said. We will need to build up our match fitness up again – next week should help with that as we have four days altogether in schools. I really don’t know how school teachers do it, and take my hat off to them. (we discussed dying metaphors yesterday, and I believe that phrase fits that bill. (as does that one))

As I type, builders are working just to my right, and a hulking great book case is looming over me. When I paint it and we fill it with books, it will look a lot less daunting…it is hoped.