9 January 2011

Rattling off a session on narrative this morning to deliver for Well Versed on Thursday. The sun is shining but we have our office blinds part closed because, well, they are part broken.  New ones coming some time this week – probably when no one is in.  We have tried pulling the blinds up entirely, but because it is an old shop window,filling  the whole of the front of the house, people look straight in and are probably very disappointed not to see bacon and viscera.

In the advent of the office bookshelf, the room I am going to be using as my studio is getting tantalizingly close to being a room rather than a book box storage area.  Then I will be able to have a squinny at all of the ephemera and bits and pieces I have been collecting over the past few years and see if they amount to a row of beans. Hopefully a few rows of beans.  I intend to make some 3D collages so I can have some more images to put on my ‘Sketches’ page.  I don’t see them as finished pieces really, just rough approximations of something.  Looking forward to being creative again.  In the meantime, I am bracing myself for a whole week of school work and intend to be pepped up on bananas and coffee throughout.  Living life on the edge. [insert tigerface here]