And torso makes three

22 February 2011

Ok, wait for it *drum roll*….for my next trick I present to you ladies and gentlemen, the third and final part of the aforementioned triptych which is entitled ‘Canvas Three’.  Once the limbs and head were removed, it looked to me like some kind of garment, so I just hung it up like a shop window display.

Martin and I were talking the other day about square and landscape formats, and how there is less of a space in a square frame for a narrative. The eye isn’t taken on a large compositional  journey, but is forced to make connections in a narrower space  – perhaps to climb into it as one would a poem.  Who knows, but I do love a square format, there is something certain and deliberate about the square.  The rectangle is less sure of itself.  When Roger Hargreaves made Mr Strong, he chose a square, not a rectangle. Point proven.  (Insert image of Mr Strong in your mind’s eye.  The internet wouldn’t let me poach one.  I can see it’s point, but it has ruined mine!)