Can a Man Have Two Shadows?

25 July 2011

In most instances, choosing the words for these pieces comes second.  I rifle though the pages of the encyclopedias until something screams ‘pick me’ at me.  I have no idea why it does, or why I think the words should go with the image, but I feel it in my bones.  Seriously – it’s like an act of divining. So can a man have show shadows?  Well, it must have something to do with flight in my head. *shrug*

As I’ve said before, we are off to Edinburgh for August, so I am away from my studio.  I hope I’ll be able to write something on here while I’m away.  Not necessarily poems, but I’ll try to send you some postcards.  When I think postcards, I think prose poems – same shape?  I like Charles Simic’s idea of a prose poem being like a fly trapped inside  room.  Maybe I’ll have a play around with that idea….maybe I will….buzz buzzzzzz….