Cyborg betsy-wetsy

19 March 2011

I have now finished the Well Versed school project, which I think went very well.  There was quite a lot of early starts and long drives involved in the schools Luke Wright and I were working at.  Cromer High School for example, have their first lesson at 8.20 am.  It is arguable whether any of us (workshop leaders and pupils) are awake enough to talk about poetry at that hour, but we all got through it twice this past week.

I have also run three other workshops, two in the evenings and have felt myself disappearing.  It’s impossible to write any poems myself while I am doing all of this teaching, but luckily I have been able to hang on to a bit of myself by making some visual pieces.  It’s even better when the pieces make themselves, such as this cyborg-doll head thing.  Once I had removed the head (she said darkly), there were some plastic tubes poking out from the throat.  This was one of those betsy-wetsy dolls, which you can feed and them make cry and wee by squishing the tummy.  I just added a few more cables from a television aerial.  If I were a proper conceptual artist, I am sure I could write a short essay here about how we are all becoming part-machine or something.  As it happens, I just thought the head was crying out for some cables.  I’ve hung this canvas over a door, so it looks a bit like a trophy head.