Edinburgh – the first week…..

9 August 2011

We’ve been in Edinburgh a week now and Martin has four shows under his belt and a four star review from The List.  All good.  Audiences have been very small – we hit double figures yesterday (woo-hoo!)- and we are trying not to get dispirited. The review has helped with this and  Martin’s performances are getting better and better.  The thing about Edinburgh, is that you must give the same show experience to six people as you would to a full house.  Coming last year as punters helped us prepare for this.  It would be good to go home with a few more reviews and the sense of achievement of bringing a show here for a full run.

The flat is on Holyrood park and the view is the hills above it.  It’s lovely to have that view to come back to after the chock-a-block congestion of town.  It’s important for the sanity.  They are preparing a far corner of the park for something though; a beer-tent type tent is just going up, but hopefully it is far enough away from us to keep hold of its own noise.  I thought a little foolishly, that I might be able to work on my own stuff in the mornings before heading out, but we need to leave at 12.30 to be at the theatre for our 15 minute get-in before the show, so it hasn’t been possible.  This is in fact the first time I’ve had since my last blog entry to listen to my own words writing themselves on a screen.  The idea of writing a poem seems as alien as….something very alien indeed.  You see my similes have suffered greatly.

Trying really hard to eat non-processed food, and I have a pasta sauce from fresh ingredients cooking right now for this evening.  Mealtimes have become odd, and I think I may have lost weight.  Everywhere is uphill here, which helps with the fitness.  Just as well since I haven’t had the chance to crack open the trampoline since we arrived.  And I can’t believe I’ve got to the end of this blog post without mentioning the rain.