Good Intentions….

31 August 2013


I like writing and have decided I am going to try to do more if it.  Yes, yes, I know I’ve said this before.  I used to write a blog post every day and did that for nearly a year and for some reason I stopped, just fell out of the habit.  I have decided latterly that writing a blog post every day . . .  forever. . . is quite a commitment, so perhaps something just once a week is more realistic. We’ll see.

So what’s shaking Helen?  Why this sudden lurch back?  Well, it’s funny you should ask that because I was thinking the same thing myself.  Ok, Waiting for Bluebeard was flung into the world at the end of May.  And?  Well, what do you write about when you have already written your life?  Wait up, so you think all of your poetry writing is done and dusted and you’re making your laurels into some kind of seating arrangement? Would you ever stop talking to yourself?

New paragraph.  So, what I am focusing on now is a series of poems based on tarot cards.  I needed to get out of the space of my head and into more of an ekphrastic space, in order to get myself writing again.  After I’d handed in the manuscript of Bluebeard last year, I wrote a handful of tarot poems.  To my horror, a few weeks ago I noticed I hadn’t actually written anything save a couple of commissioned poems since last December, which is probably the longest I have gone without writing a poem since I’ve been writing poems.  So as well as the blog-keeping horse, I am now also getting back onto the poem-writing horse.  Oh, if only horses could write poems…Syllabics, I reckon they’d be into syllabics.

I’ve led myself into a blind alley with a syllabic horse.  It’s night time and I can hear it meting beats with its hooves.