10 June 2011

The house smells constantly of curing resin or drying latex, or must do.  I have grown blind to it, if you can have blind smelling.  You can have blind tastings, can’t you.  Anyway, no matter.  The reproduction of hands and feet isn’t moving fast enough, so I’m making more moulds.  I have been setting moths and marbles and eyes inside the hands and feet, to make them look a bit like objects held in amber.  I have discovered that resin doesn’t dry, it ‘cures’ and needs heat for this, so have introduced a hairdryer into the studio to help with the sticky resin problem. So fingers crossed for that.

I’ve invested in some 12×5 canvasses and am working on some landscape hand and foot pieces, which I will ask Martin to photograph as soon as he gets a mo.  I am still deciding whether to add any kind of Arthur Mee caption to the piece below.  It is a bit of an anomaly in this respect, but I think it would mess up the composition.  Hmmm….more vintage marbles winging their way to me from ebayland.  If marbles can wing.  Yes, let’s make them wing.