On driving in the dark and the rain

13 January 2011

I seem to have spent the whole week driving to and from schools in the dark and the rain for the Well Versed project.  I can’t quite believe we are only in the second week of January because the workshop schedule has been so packed.  I realise that most people do 9 hour days at work, but I am lucky in that I am usually able to plan the shape of my days.  This means that I often don’t have a week end – I have perpetual weeks without end, but it appears to suit me.

A workshop group of ex-students has just left my house, Martin is out,  and this is the first time I have been on my own, and quiet all day.  I say ‘quiet’, but I have the clicking of keyboard keys and the sounds of these words in my head.  Also, the habits of house – the occasional buzz of the walls, which is possibly a normal radiator pipes thing, or a a hive of bees with kazoos nesting in its bones.  There is the sound of the occasional car driving through rain and curiously, birds singing into the dark.