28 December 2010

They say (whoever they are) that the state of your room is the state of your mind.  If this is true, my mind is like this: fairly organised clusters of things you cannot immediately find, but a bit of shifting will unearth them eventually.  True enough.  I think that even after the physical unpacking of belongings, my mind will still hold the ghostly imprint of my room no matter how much housework I do.

Yesterday, I began to populate the place with pictures and photographs and they are creeping like clusters of Plathian mushrooms up the stairs.  This is a house of many stairs, and we will need more pictures.  And I will probably not need to join the local gym, since we also live at the top of a hill, but we will see how that works out in the normal run of things.  I am thinking the kitchen floor might tolerate a trampoline and the ceiling seems high enough to cope with Tiggerish bouncing. But we shall see.