The braided wall and the butterfly

30 April 2011

The last room to be attended to in our new house is the garden.  I say ‘room’ because it’s a redbrick courtyard.  Red brick except for one vile wall, which was covered in matting, resembling the braids of hair in the image below.  The builders removed the hairy wall-covering a couple of days ago to reveal the outside of an outbuilding (blocked up door, window) which probably used to be part of the Co-Operative courtyard, but now belongs to the Grocery and Provision flats next door.  It all looked rather messy, so the builders put a skin of render over it, and today it is dry enough to paint.

The garden is fairly small, but removing the hairy scary wall has made it feel much lighter and less like this image.  I have a pot of masonry paint called Cabbage Patch which I can hear singing from the courtyard, slightly muffled at the moment.  I’ll need a ten pence piece to release it, and then for the butterflies….