The Child Catcher

30 January 2011

I have stopped skulking around the house, sighing and lamenting about not being a poet etc……because….. I think I have kicked together something for the Child Catcher poem.  I say ‘kicked together’ because normally – when I am in the habit of writing, that is – my poems arrive quickly and nearly fully formed.  When I am a bit rusty, I need to throw a bit more at the canvas before I work out what to take away.

I remember the Child Catcher, from the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as pretty terrifying and  watching him over the weekend, I find him every bit as creepy as I did as a child.   (click here here to see him).  I didn’t write the kind of poem I thought I was going to write, but then if I knew what I was going to write then I wouldn’t write.  Think I will go back to the Child Catcher and write something else though, part of my imagination is trapped in that cage of his, and I need to get it back.