The earth seen from the moon

11 March 2011

Well, I’ve been working this week – much like normal people do, so I haven’t had that much time for self-indulgence.  I did get a chance to make this little cow/moon/shell/freshwater pearl construction though.  Like those I posted last week it’s in an 8×8 inch canvas and the words are taken from an Aurthur Mee Encyclopedia.  The moon mountain picture is too, but I scanned it in and played with the colour and printed it out on thicker paper.

I made this for a present for somebody, but couldn’t bear to give it away.  Been reading about Joseph Cornell, and he made many of his boxes for people, some as tributes given to dancers and movie stars.  They were little love gifts.   And now I feel wicked and selfish….and I am worrying that if I did have an exhibition and anybody did actually want to buy anything I will be one of those precious artistes who needs to vet the house it’s going to, to check out the ambiance and feng shui of the prospective home and even then will only release her precious darling when it is prised from her cold dead fingers.  Just a minor concern, dear reader.