The Eye’s Wonderful Curtain

5 March 2011

Here is another of my Aurthur Mee Encyclopedia boxes.  The image here is perhaps not big enough to be able to see the diagrams properly.  These are the kind of drawings I loved doing in Biology  lessons at school – the sort of things which always got me high marks in exams!  The eyes are antique dolls’ weighted eyes – the kind which make your doll look like she has fallen asleep when you lie her down. The eyes are not fixed to the canvas – they swing on their wire.

Perhaps the marbles seem a little obvious, but I think of these boxes as puns.  They are vintage marbles with proper coloured glass swirls at their hearts, not those modern gee-gaws with dead plastic middles.  They have also taken a few knocks.  It has become important to me that the objects I use have had lives of their own before they come to rest in these boxes.