The mouth and the teeth

22 March 2011

This morning I went to Hobbycraft – the Art and Craft Superstore – and got the same kick as I used to get when I went around Top Shop in my teens.  Aisle upon aisle of bright colours and sparkly bits and all the glue in the world to fix a miscellany of  objects to whatever surface you can possibly think of.  I went in there to get a glue gun and was quite restrained in that I got little else besides.  A bag of feathers as an impulse buy,  is all.   Upon closer inspection, many of the things in the store were a little pre-packaged for my liking.  Somebody has done all the imagining, and all you have to do is paint the right colours in the right places, or stick particular bits into particular slots, all neat and tidy.

The glue gun has given me a feeling of empowerment as I wield it Lara Croft like round my studio.  So far I have found no restrictions to its gluey-ness.  Marbles to metal – check, plastic to plastic – check, bird wings to bisque doll – check. The apparent  limitlessness is fair exhilarating.  Enough chat, now for another image…..

Again, I have utilized good old Aurthur Mee’s Encyclopedia for the text, and the bowl is filled with fresh water pearls.  A  huge stoke of luck here with the tooth – in a former life, our house was a dental surgery, and a set of sample crowns arrived on the door mat like a gift from heaven.  More please Almighty Lord Tooth Mouse, more please…