The parting of the boxes

15 January 2011

Day 25, and a miraculous parting of the boxes in my studio has occurred.  I say ‘miraculous’, but miraculous doesn’t leave you with backache, does it.  It was actually really nice, despite the resulting pain, to have a day of doing things around the house after being out working like normal people do all week.  I even went out and bought a table for the studio.  This is serious stuff.  I was going to get a second hand one, but it turned out that a new pine one was much cheaper than an old pine one.

Of course, I will need to bash it about a bit so it looks a bit distressed – to make it look like an authentic studio table.  Maybe a thin coat of white satin, for the full-blown shabby-chic look. Oh, and some chipped edges, it must have some chipped edges.  Anyway, I have till Friday when it arrives to cogitate on the methods of distressing.