The third Mee

6 March 2011

I am still not entirely au fait with the terminology – are they sculptures, 3D collages, shadow boxes…I don’t know really…but here is the third of my Aurthur Mee constructions. I have the idea that I should probably be working towards an exhibition – I can’t keep churning them out and dotting them round the house.  The good thing about keeping them in 8×8 or 6×6 formats (apart for the aesthetic, which I like) is the fact that they can all easily be stashed away in the boxes the canvases came in, should their number become unreasonable.  I am exceedingly pleased that I don’t have the craving to work on six foot canvasses.

On my table at the moment, I am gathering some materials for a piece about birds and am learning to be a bit patient – trying not to start pinning them down, till I have the perfect everything of things.