Tricks For Odd Half Hours

1 July 2011

Goodness – it’s been weeks since I’ve posted something new here!  Terrifying how Time’s winged chariot zips along.  And it’s actually been a few weeks since I’ve made anything new, so here is one I made earlier.  Martin had only just had the chance to photograph it.  As you will see, I’ve branched out considerably from my trusty square canvases.  These rectangles allow a sense of narrative.  I have no idea what the narrative is here –  the marbles would probably have something to say about it.  The hands and feet too, perhaps.

The hands and feet here are cast from fairly light plaster.  They are porous, and you probably can’t see from this image, they have a few air bubbles.  This made me cross at first – I wanted them perfect  – but now I rather like the fragile quality it gives them.  The marbles are antique and have their own bubbles and a few knocks from different stages in their lives.