Where Does Our Breath Go?

17 July 2011

I went into my studio yesterday for a pair of scissors and it didn’t recognise me.  It must be three weeks since I last did anything meaningful in there and it growled at me.  I am sure there are been further resin castings happening in my absence.  It must have grown tired of waiting for me.

We go up  to Edinburgh in less than two weeks for the whole of August for Martin’s show Whistle.  I am his technical support – I operate the visuals, and we will do the show every day save two, for the whole of the Fringe.  I have no idea how exhausted he/we will be by the end of it, but I am already looking forward to a holiday!

So my studio will need to wait a bit longer for me to remind it what we were doing before. Perhaps it will invent a password and deny me access till I say it three times.  I thought I would post something I made about a month ago, which kind of illustrates what’s been happening with time around here of late.