The Complex Machine out of which Simplicity Comes

13 November 2011

Here’s another thing.  The hands are cast in resin plaster which is a deeper white and more dense than the non-resin type.  The eye should be inside a doll’s head.  One of those creepy ‘First Born’ things which really really look like babies.   I think the poetry in this (if poetry is to be found) is the play between words and image.  If I were to write some kind of manifesto for the entire series I’ve been working on, it  would extrapolate on that idea.  This piece was also made under the influence of Michael Donaghy’s poem ‘Machines’

I am going to be making some postcards of some of these images, and also some prints.  Some people have expressed the desire to buy them, which is very flattering.  I am also going to be registering for the Open Studios thing we have here in Norfolk.  Like a proper artist.  Yowser! (said the poet) Poet? (said the Helen).