The Marvel of Hearing

3 March 2011

I have been busy with the Poetry Archive and school work all week, and have only just managed to upload some images of some things I made last week.  You will see I have moved away from butchering dolls.  This is only a brief armistice – there are still plenty of dolls queuing up in my studio, waiting to be er…transformed.

I came across some of Martin’s old Aurthur Mee  Encyclopedias which  I had been saving for – who knows….?  I like them and their glorious innocence of language.  And I have a thing about old illustrations too.  So do I leave them in a box to look at once every five years, or do I ……well, it’s evident here that I decided to convert them into materials.  I am working through the senses at the moment, and below have posted The Marvel of Hearing.  The frame is 8×8 inch, to give a sense of scale.

I suppose this is a punning illustration.  I am a bit concerned that, seeing it here, the piece of paper at the top of the frame isn’t centered.  Perhaps it’s a good thing I never became an architect with such sloppy attention to detail.  *shakes head at self before wandering off to pour a consoling shot of vodka so it might look less wonky*.