Books and sneezing

30 December 2010

For some reason, best known to itself, my throat has decided that the cold I had a month or so ago didn’t demand it enough attention, so it has decided to be sore again.  When I lived in the field with the chickens, I didn’t really have a cold for ten years.  Mixing with people has its drawbacks, but overall it’s to be recommended and is worth a little sneezing.

The office is now looking more like an office.  My desk arrived today, and I have put all of my PhD books onto a smallish bookshelf.  They are watching me now, expectantly.  I haven’t really had a chance to do any proper work on the Critical component of the PhD since September when the teaching started again, more’s the pity.  Before I can even think of Vasko Popa and Semantic Primes and whatever else I was thinking of before, I have a little stack of marking  looking at me squinty-eyed.  It has expectations of me, and must be done.  But first some more sneezing.