How Things Are Measured

8 January 2012

When I started this blog just over a year ago, I resolved that I would not be one of those  people who doesn’t update it for months and months.  Well, dear reader I have failed, manifestly.  But I won’t tarry you with my contrition.

New paragraph.  Well, I am going to be doing Norfolk Open Studios this year – so for  three weekends in May, anyone will be able to come into my studio to see what I am up to, and hopefully, just maybe, buy some work.  I have been taking advice on pricing, because it’s a whole new thing for me, this making money out of creative work malarky.  I can’t quite believe that anyone will part with any money in return for something I’ve made.  It remains to be seen if they will, of course.

So, just in case  I need to get on with making some more work.  There are pieces that I probably will not sell because I am rather attached to them.  Especially some of the first pieces I made, where I was finding a language for myself.  Now I have the target of Open Studios in mind, I can adjust my attitude as I am making things.   The image which just flitted though my mind, is that I need to think of myself as a surrogate mother – I am making this work with the entire intention of handing it over to somebody else.  So although the care that goes into them will be the same, I will not be the person wiping their noses.

I wondered why this imagery came into my head, then cast my eyes below these words, then right up to heaven.